Wallace House

Knight-Wallace Fellowship life centers around Wallace House, a graceful, spacious home which was a gift from our patron saint, legendary newsman Mike Wallace, and his wife, Mary. The house is home to the fellowship offices, the Livingston Awards and the location of our weekly seminars and special events throughout the year.

It is also a home away from home for our fellows and we encourage each class to use it to their advantage. And, boy, do they. Over the years, Wallace House has been the common gathering place for fellows. Movie nights. Poker nights. Writing workshops. Study groups. Casual brunches. Impromptu dinners. Raucous children’s parties. Even more raucous karaoke nights.

Fellows have keys for 24-hour access to Wallace House, including the kitchen, large dining room and cozy study. With an extensive library, large-screen TV, grand piano, computer lab, wireless access, it’s a daily drop-by spot for fellows and their families.

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