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University of Michigan Names Knight-Wallace Fellows for 2012-2013

The Knight-Wallace Fellows program at the University of Michigan has named 12 American and seven international journalists for the 2012-2013 academic year. The group is the 39th to be offered fellowships by the University.

"This is a remarkable group," said Fellowship Director Charles R. Eisendrath, a former TIME correspondent in Washington, London, Paris and Buenos Aires.  "Each year we look not only for people with distinguished records, but above all for people who will use this special opportunity to grow professionally and personally.  We think those things go together."

While on leave from regular duties, Knight-Wallace Fellows pursue customized sabbatical studies and attend twice-weekly seminars at Wallace House, a gift from the late newsman Mike Wallace and his wife Mary.  The program also includes training in narrative writing, multi-platform journalism and entrepreneurial enterprise.  News tours for the KWF group to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Istanbul are arranged by host news organizations.

Knight-Wallace Fellows receive a stipend of $70,000 for the eight-month academic year plus full tuition and healthcare insurance.  Funding is entirely from endowment gifts by foundations, news organizations and individuals committed to improving the quality of information reaching the public.

2012-2013 Fellows and their study projects are:

Kate Brooks, photographer (The New Yorker, Smithsonian); Ecological preservation in an overpopulated world with diminishing resources

Silvio Cioffi, travel editor, Folha de Sao Paulo; E-publishing

Nigel Doran, senior broadcast journalist, BBC World Service; South Korea’s soft-power ambitions

Rachel Dry, deputy editor of Outlook, The Washington Post; Women and the leadership gap

Shai Gal, correspondent, Channel 2 (Tel Aviv); Do extremists control our life?

Joanne Gerstner, sports writer (The New York Times, ESPN); Concussions in athletes

Suzette Hackney, staff writer, Detroit Free Press; Enhancing traditional journalism with technology

Amy Haimerl, editor-in-chief, USAA Magazine; Abandoned places and the American dream

Markian Hawryluk, health reporter, The Bulletin (Bend, OR); Artificial hearts and their medical, economic and ethical ramifications

Donovan Hohn, features editor, GQ Magazine; The Russo-Polish War seen through literary eyes

Sam Hudzik, political reporter, WBEZ-FM (Chicago); Breaking through to distracted audiences

Jong-Seok Kim, assistant editor, Sports and Leisure, DongA Ilbo (Seoul); Sports business and the Winter Olympics

Tristram Korten, writer (The Atlantic, Fast Company); An economic model for sustainable healthcare

Justin Maiman, supervising producer, Bloomberg TV; The next financial crisis

Tracie McMillan, writer (The New York Times,; Education and social change

Federico Monjeau, music critic, Clarin (Buenos Aires); American music in the 20th century

Josh Neufeld, cartoonist (SMITH Magazine, Cartoon Movement); Bahrain’s Pearl Movement

Amir Paivar, business reporter, BBC Persian TV; Are economic sanctions an effective foreign policy tool?

Sabine Righetti, science and health reporter, Folha de Sao Paulo; The methodologies of university rankings


Fellows were selected by Charles Eisendrath, John Costa (editor-in-chief, Western Communications (OR), and Editor, The (Bend, OR) Bulletin), Ford Fessenden (graphics editor, The New York Times), Bobbi Low (professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, UM), Birgit Rieck (assistant director, Knight-Wallace Fellows), Sarah Robbins (Knight-Wallace Fellow ’12; senior producer, BBC World News America), Carl Simon (professor, Mathematics and Complex Systems, UM), and Ellen Soeteber (chair, Advisory Board at the Alfred Friendly Press Fellowships and former editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch).

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